For non french speakers !

Welcome @ Khecari Devi Ashramam! More coming soon… describing the Ashram and what is going on here.

English speakers are very welcome, I like to lead practices in english, (with a strong french accent)! Keeping in mind that the most important teachings goes through silence.

English Material: A booklet about Khecari Mudra is available in English, as well as a serie of papers. Most of this material has been nicely illustrated by Stefania Olafsdottir. A video where I speak about Khecari Mudra for Indica Yoga.

See the Menu « Materiel/Articles ». On the associated youtube channel, some videos in english also (Menu « Materiel/Videos » to reach the youtube channel).

Since January 2019, by the Grace of the Guru, some vibrations came in this body to use it as small antenna in order to diffuse and spread around. First came Linga Astakham, then KaalaBhairav Astakham, and Daksinamurti Stotram. These hymns are dedicated to the worship of Lord Siva under different aspects. You can find there the transliteration from Devanagari and some audios.

How I get in touch with these vibrations ? I listened to them on youtube and then BOOOMMMMM: a strong connection, shower and tears of bliss, nivritti, extatic union… « Hello, we are holy vibrations and we want to use your body to spread around through space and time! » Sure, most welcome!

Some practitioners learned about these vibrations here and are now continuing this spreading. I am very grateful for this sadhana. Sometimes I record some chanting dedicated to a single person, feel free to ask for it, the bill is sent to the Lord…

All the best, Mahesvara.