For non french speakers !

Welcome @ Khecari Devi Ashramam! More coming soon… describing the Ashram and what is going on here.

English speakers are very welcome, I like to lead practices in english, (with a strong french accent)! Keeping in mind that the most important teachings goes through silence.

A pilgrimage at Arunachala Siva is organised for Maha Deepam 2020 (one week around november 29). See this page with PDF describing the journey (not updated for 2020 yet but you will have a flavour).

English Material: A booklet about Khecari Mudra is available in English; a paper describing the use of the pilous system as a yogic tool; another paper about my pilgrimage at Arunachala.

See the Menu « Materiel/Articles ». On the associated youtube channel, some videos in english also (Menu « Materiel/Videos » to reach the youtube channel). Translations of the other texts is underway, stay tuned! Any help in that process is more than welcome!

All the best, Mahesvara.