Khecari Mudra: Beyond the Pituitary

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Illustrations by Stefanía Ólafsdóttir !

Proceeding beyond the pituitary supposes that the tongue infiltrates into the nasal fossae. Two trajectories are then possible: to the right or to the left. Technically, this nasal infiltration prevents the air from coming in through said nostril. This gives a new perspective to the practice of nadi sodhana, alternate nostril breathing. This also sheds new light on the functioning of ida & pingala nadis.

In this paper, I discuss the progress made in Khecari Mudra since I wrote the khecari booklet three years ago.

Download the paper here !


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  1. Eshan Jituri
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    Namaste Yogi Maheshwar,

    My name is Eshan Jituri, I am a student in New York City and I believe I am able to do stage 3 Khecari Mudra. My tongue has been able to insert into the nasal cavity for several months now after stretching unknowingly with temptations of touching the uvula. I just learned about Khecari Mudra today and am reaching out for your guidance on how to practice.

    My phone number is +1 267 949 7117 and email is (also below).

  2. mateOM
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    Namaste. !

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